Regional Report - Second Half of 2012

By Scott Jacobson
Arizona Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 38 Number 2, Spring (April) 2013
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During the second half of the year, many areas along the Mongollan Rim were difficult to access due to drought conditions or wildfires. Unfortunately, in many areas exotics continue to be a majority of fish found in Arizona's waters. Sampling in the Little Colorado River in August saw water levels that were extremely low. We also sampled in the Verde River, and isolated streams throughout Central Arizona. In one case, there were crayfish in an isolated stream. Exotics caught ranged from plains killifish and golden shiners in the Little Colorado River system to bullhead catfish, red shiners, and crayfish in many of the other systems.

I have donated equipment for a student experiment at Pine-Strawberry school that looks at the effects of current on varying types of plants growth. In addition, a preliminary plan is being developed for a wildlife area on school grounds. I will also be conducting a presentation on Amazon fishes and their native habitat which is important since some exotics from that region are found in Arizona.