Hello all,

Sorry for not getting this out last night after the meeting. We had our 1st of two regional meetings this month, this one in Old Lyme CT. Though the turnout was not as large as the last meeting, never the less we had a good time. Unfortunately our CT representative George Tamburri was sent to the hospital the day before and was unable to attend. We missed George's enthusiasm and we hope to see him at future meetings.

The meeting started at noon time, and CT NANFA member Dennis Buonafede had been there since 11:30, and thought he was the only one! Myself and fellow MA NANFA member Keith Baker got there at about 12:15. CT member Tom Ganley showed up shortly there after. We talked about Tom's travels around the world collecting fish. Tom has gone to Malaysia, South America, and several other areas collecting fish and other aquatic creatures. We had a neat discussion on the problems of shipping fish (and the carriers that handle those shipments). Tom also talked about great collecting areas he has found in CT, especially in the northwestern part of the state where he has found what he described as "the most gorgeous redbreast sunfish". He also talked of a possible trip to either the NJ Pine Barrens or a collecting trip to GA. Dennis was happy to go home with a bunch of fish that I brought down. Dennis has moved into a new house, and has lots of empty tanks cycling at this time. I am sure his fish are swimming happily as we speak.

Keith grabbed his dip-net a scooped around behind the meeting facility..no fish, but lots of neat inverts. We discussed the importance of having an actual meeting, even if it was before a collecting trip. The meetings are important so that we can discuss actual regional activities and business, and to find out what is going on with the regions members. The importance of having the meetings strategically placed around the region was discussed. We hope to have a meeting in western MA, convenient enough for western MA members, as well as those in NW CT and VT. New Hampshire members would have an easy time accessing this location as well. We have no members in ME or RI at this point, so a meeting in ME is not in the future. RI can easily attend both MA and CT meetings.

With such a gorgeous day on Sunday, I am sure it was easy for some members to put the meeting aside and forgo other "outdoor" activities. We missed all of ya' but hope to see you soon at the June 24th meeting in MA. Keep George in your wishes for a speedy recovery.


Rick Rego MA/New England NANFA Rep.