Beautiful Newport, Oregon.  Home of the famous Newport Aquarium and former home of Keiko the orca (from the movie Free Willy). 

This coastal Oregon town is located on Yaquina Bay, and has been the site of frequent collecting and nature trips.  This time we seined the bay and found several interesting species of fish.  These pictures are from a 1997 and a 1998 trip.

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2newportgroup.gif (2954 bytes) Left to right: Don Winn, curious local kid, Joe Middleton, Steve Bobko (Oregon State University graduate student and our leader on this trip), Pat McDonald, Amy Leudtke, Layn Leudtke, and an unknown diver.  The Yaquina Bay bridge in the background leads to the Pacific Ocean.

2newportnet.gif (3063 bytes) Layn and Amy Leudtke dragging a seine.   Newport is in the background.

2newportnet2.gif (3109 bytes) Checking the net.

2pipefish.gif (3665 bytes) Bay pipefish Sygnathus leptorhynchus       

2smelt.gif (3393 bytes) Smelt of some type were thick in the eel grass beds     

2starryf.gif (3402 bytes) Starry flounder Platichthys stellatus

We also found an interesting jellyfish which we didn't photograph.  It was Velella velella, called the "by-the-wind sailor".  The animal is an open ocean drifter which has a sail-like structure on an air-filled float.  They are only 4 - 6 cm in length and sometimes float into quiet bays.

2sbackseine.gif (3037 bytes) Layn (Mr. Stickleback) wanted to see some threespine sticklebacks, so in the water he and Dan Logan (Pacific Northwest Regional Representative) went in a stream just south of Newport.  Now, what are those waders supposed to do, Layn?

2sbackhand.gif (3444 bytes) His prize-- Gasterosteus aculeatus

Here's what it looks like across Yaquina Bay, in Newport itself:

2newport.gif (2751 bytes)  People are busy on the fishing docks.  2YBtourists.jpg (2351 bytes) Tourists are observing what they're doing.

2cleanfish.gif (2873 bytes)  Cleaning fish just brought in from charter boats.  These are rockfish and lingcod.

2halibut.gif (3224 bytes)  The halibut fishery was open this day and here are some being cleaned.

2crabs.gif (3811 bytes)  Fish scraps are used for crab bait.   Dungeness crabs Cancer magister are being hauled up in a trap.