Regional Report - Second Half of 2012

By Brian Torreano
Wisconsin Regional Representative

As first presented in American Currents, Volume 38 Number 2, Spring (April) 2013
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I’m working with Dave Marshall of Underwater Habitat Investigations, LLC on a Wisconsin river floodplain habitat and associated off-channel fish conservation aquaculture project.  Studies by Marshall over the last several years have indicated that target fish species with information needs or species of greatest conservation need were found at least once at 93% of selected sites sampled annually over three separate years.  Conservation aquaculture is being proposed as an option for increasing numbers of rare species where populations are critically low.  Additionally, fish transfers are being explored as an option to expand the range of rare species within river systems where dams block migrations.  For my part of the project, I am currently culturing Banded Killifish (Fundulus diaphanus) a state Special Concern species, in aquaria.  Though the information being gleaned from raising the fish in aquaria is invaluable, we believe that for raising the number of fish required for reintroduction efforts, we will have to culture the fish in ponds.  Becker (1983) reported that Banded Killifish were propagated in a small Michigan pond at the rate of 80,000 per acre.  To that end, I am working with a local land trust to see if we can raise Banded Killifish and other Special Concern species in ponds on their properties.  Initial response has been favorable, and we hope that they can help us move forward with this fantastic project!