Re: NANFA-L-- Niagara River gobies?
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<BODY><P>Dear Todd - </P>
<P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I would suggest NOT transferring ANY exotic round gobies (Neogobius melanostomus) from the present waters they&nbsp;have invaded; regardless if&nbsp;they have been banned yet or not.</P>
<P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;We&nbsp;at SUNY Brockport are&nbsp;presently conducting an extenisve fish community analysis on the Tonawanda Creek watershed of western NY - a major trib system to the Niagara R., and initial sampling results have yielded an extenisve round gobie population present upstream to-in-least the RT 78 Bridge in Millersport.&nbsp; Since we are focusing on determining the status of rare fishes in this system, we suspect that exotics are a key factor in their decline.</P>
<P>&nbsp;&nbsp; We have also tried to keep this species in aquaria-in-our college display tanks without success. All&nbsp;gobies died&nbsp;in a very short time while most other stream species did well.&nbsp; Basically - it appears this gobies species&nbsp;is very adaptable to our waters and will ultimately displace native sculpins and darter as they grow larger!&nbsp; </P>
<P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; If you don't want exotic fish to spread any faster than the next flood, pls keep them out&nbsp;of the aquarium trade.</P>
<P>I have fwd'd your note to local fisheries managers in NYS for a formal answer to your Q.</P>
<P>sincerely,<BR><BR>Scott M. Wells <BR>Graduate Research Assistant <BR>M.S. Candidate <BR>Dept. of Biological Sciences <BR>120&nbsp; Lennon Hall <BR>State U. of NY-in-Brockport <BR> <BR><BR><BR></P>
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<P></P>&gt; ________________________________ <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; From: on behalf of <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; &gt;&gt;Think it would be legal to transport them in NY, PA and VA? <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; I don't know, you should look that up for yourself.&nbsp; You have as <BR>&gt; much access to the DNR websites as I do.&nbsp; A fine place to start is <BR>&gt; found-in-;&nbsp; ;) <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; Todd <BR>&gt; The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH <BR>&gt; It's never too late to have a happy childhood. <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; </BODY>

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