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> But don't cast a
> broader net. I could have said that aquarium hobbyist generally are
> scofflaws and prone to bring about undesirable introductions, but that
> would be wrong. Most are responsible.

I could have said "most" but I chose instead to say "some" ;)

This is what I'm talking about. "That you could have said..." This implied
autonomy that comes out _at times_ in communications sent from .edu
addresses. I don't ever see this from hobbyists until the bitter end when
they throw their hands up and just walk off po'd (and I've been watching for
a while). My wife describes this phenomena as "being TOO right" and
unfortunately, for now, I live in a world where it's demonstrated daily, and
she is, um, too right :)

I know I'm not out on a limb with this one by the couple people who've
contacted me off list, and some of the sarcasm that has come back in emails
of this thread.

I freely admit that I've been guilty of committing similar infractions in
the past.

And I'm sorry you ended up the focus of this Dave. I used your email
because I figured you 1) could handle a criticsm (as you have) but mostly 2)
because I _know_ that it was typed with only the best of intentions and just
wanted to point out how it could have been read. If I acted on anger, I
would have slammed the two-faced, anecdote-supplied "suggestion" I got from
someone of whom I know nothing, even though I agreed with the core idea

The take home message:

We're not going to solve ANY problem larger than our communication if one
group of people continues to tell another group what to do, "autonomy"
imagined or not, "groups" imagined or not.

You see... I also feel I have responsibilities beyond the law.

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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