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> have been spread by fish released back into wild populations from the
> Federal hatchery-in-Dexter New Mexico.

And let's not forget that whole little whirling disease To-Do-Oo-Oo out in
Utah that cost a wildlife officer his job for fining the wrong family.

Speaking of whirling disease... I'm now 95% sure I have a whirling disease
infection in my 75 gallon Native tank. Who knows where it came in, if it
was contained to that system... I've been really careful about cross
contamination since the first fish took a "spin". But I've watched them one
by one over the course of a 8 months check out one by one (just in that
tank). I did a full on treatment with Paragon to see if I couldn't get
whatever beasties it may be, without a straight-on diagnosis. A mudminnow
started swirling tonight. Probably time to throw the next victim in a bag
and get a real diagnosis, get out the bleach and quit taking chances :P

So Andrew, here's an answer, although unhappily given, and _long_ derived
;) What would happen if I got tired of fish dying without cause once a
month and as an act of "mercy" went and dumped the rest in the local stream?

You never know what's in your tank with as many sources as we can bring
water, fish, and parasites and switcheroo. Since many people keep exotics
too, that can be a huge source of wee-beasties, and possibly one that native
species have no way to deal with.

I'm not even going to touch the whole bait shop issue. Seine your own bait,
I say... It's economical and enviro friendly :)

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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