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<< This is a group partnered with the Michigan DNR to gather enough data to
confirm that the Clinton River meet our cold water river designation (hottest
month average below 68 F and hottest day below a 75 F). >>

I am involved with a similar (in name and purpose) stream monitoring
program. The Chester/Ridley/Crum Creek Watershed Association (CRCWA) monitors via
volunteers like myself the quality of these three tributaries to the Delaware
River in Delaware County, PA. We monitor selected sites and specific high
profile sites for water chemistry and, in some cases, bacteria counts. We also do
macroinvertebrate sampling to assess stream quality. The key results, besides
temperatures are nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, dissolved oxygen. pH and
total dissolved solids and/or hardness. Stone fly larvae are a key indicator of
good water quality. It is interesting that one of the higher pollution sources
is the effluent from a water treatment plant and below that pollution source is
one of the best places to collect darters, chub, shiners and dace.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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