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Mon, 18 Apr 2005 09:19:10 -0500

Arkansas has five major ecoregions, each with it's own characteristic habitats and fauna. We're planning trips on Friday June 10 to these areas:

1. Ozarks: This trip will go to the eastern Ozarks, including the very diverse Strawberry River system. Expect to see many species, such as Ozark chub, whitetail shiner, wedgespot shiner, bleeding shiner, Ozark madtom, shadow bass, Arkansas saddled darter, and many others - one site recently yielded 50 species!

2. Ouachitas: This trip will be primarily on the Ouachita National Forest and led by a Forest Service biologist. Possible species include rosyface shiner, redfin shiner, steelcolor shiner, freckled madtom, creole darter, orangebelly darter, redspotted darter, and many others!

3. Delta: This trip will visit the lowland habitats of southeast Arkansas, and include a bonus visit to the Governor Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center. On this trip you might see tadpole madtom, bowfin, gar, ironcolor shiner, pirate perch, flier, redspotted sunfish, banded pygmy sunfish, slough darter, cypress darter, and many others!

4. Coastal Plain: This trip will focus on the Saline River drainage of south-central Arkansas, sampling a small number of sites, so you probably don't want to go... Oh, did I mention that one of the sites recently yielded 70 species, including 21 different darters? Some personal favorites you might see on this trip are pugnose minnow, blacktail shiner, mountain madtom, brindled madtom, dollar sunfish, redspotted sunfish, banded sunfish, scaly sand darter, mud darter, creole darter, harlequin darter, speckled darter, saddleback darter, dusky darter, and stargazing darter.

5. Arkansas River Valley: Probably the first trip to get their boots wet, this one will venture northwest up the Arkansas River Valley. Be aware that the mainstream of the Arkansas River has zebra mussels - make sure your gear does not spread them to the tributaries. On this trip you might see brindled madtom, freckled madtom, golden topminnow, banded pygmy sunfish, orangespotted sunfish, dollar sunfish, bantam sunfish, redfin darter, cypress darter, channel darter, dusky darter, blackside darter, and many others!

We will hold each trip to around 20 people and as few vehicles as possible - we'll have vans going on a couple trips and will try to have car-pooling opportunities on the others. Sign-up sheets for the Friday trips will be set up in the NANFA hospitality suite-in-the hotel on Thursday evening, or you can email me to get on a list in advance - I'll add people to the lists as requests are received, if they are already registered for the meeting. If you're not registered, I'll on the list for the trip of your choice as pending and you'll be bumped down the list if I receive other requests that are registered until I get notification of your registration.

Please provide your first and second choice.


Brian Wagner
2005 Convention Host
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