NANFA-L-- Convention Field trip questions & notes

Wagner, Brian K. (
Tue, 19 Apr 2005 10:07:50 -0500

>>What will be the best location(s) for snorkeling?

For snorkeling I'd recommend the Ozarks #1 and the Ouachitas #2. The Ouachitas would give you more water time I think, whereas the Ozarks might be a bit clearer and more diverse, but require much more windshield time.

>>How warm/cold will the water be?

As far as temp, I'd expect the Ozark sites to run 70 - 75 Fahrenheit. The Ouachitas should be close to this also, or maybe a tad warmer.

>>Will anyone be able to keep any of the fish caught?

Fish may be kept, with the exception of a few special concern species.

>>So all the collecting/viewing trips are on Friday? And there are no activities planned for Sunday?

We're structuring things on Friday and plan to make Sunday's plans-in-the convention to allow people to go places they couldn't on Friday. We can repeat any of the Friday trips if enough people want to or go new places. We plan to be adaptable on Sunday.


I have been talking with Bob Hrabick and the crew from Missouri, and they plan to bring down one of the small trawls they use to sample darters. We'll probably take it to the Coastal Plain trip Friday and go to the Ozarks on Sunday.

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