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Al G Eaton (
Fri, 22 Apr 2005 14:47:56 -0700 (PDT)

They can be a little difficult to id if they aren't in
color. If they are in color they can look like SRBD
if you don't look closely. Years ago I saw them off
route 55 in Coffee Cty.


--- "Todd D. Crail" <tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu> wrote:
> We patrolled pretty much the whole of Shelbyville /
> Manchester / McMinnville in TN and only saw two
> large males while we were on the Barrens (which came
> out of a detrital sulfurous mess of leaves!). Saw a
> lot of little ones that could have been flamers or
> atromaculatus. This was an area where we'd thought
> we'd see a lot (even found springs that were loaded
> with little rosyside and warmouth) but it was a nix
> on the flame chubs. Met some nice dogs in the
> process too :)
> More detail to come under the title called
> "Compromised Creek" in my essay on our Southern
> Spring Fling whenever that happens.
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> the only other site i have seen flame chubbs was a
> lone individual while we were doing the urban stream
> survey in the chatt city limits. it was a small
> creek east of the city we used as a reference stream
> to illustrate more specie diversity in an un
> ubanized stream.
> i have never seen flame chubbs in color in the
> wild tho a year ago i believe the tn aquarium had
> some IN color. even out of color they have golden
> spangles and flecks and a hint of red.
> they are illegal to keep in tn as they are
> listed... due to their very limited habitat of
> springs and spring runs. it does not take many trips
> into the rural areas to see all the channeled spring
> runs, pasture land w/ no canopy over runs and dammed
> springs. it can be very disheartening.
> i hope we / you are successful in finding many
> populations.
> there are many springs out there and fun to
> snorkel if you find a good one.
> still got your special mask?
> casper

In the Millcreek Watershed
When we turn off the lights it glows.

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