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Bob Muller (
Sat, 23 Apr 2005 20:38:53 -0400

Back on a tributary of the Clinton River, Coon Creek today. 35 degrees and
high winds as well as lots of snow. I was hopping for redfin shiners, which
are, suppose to be there but the only minnows us caught were a single
blacknose dace and a male stoneroller all decked out for spawning. The
amazing thing was the number of darters. I 300 yards of creek (15 feet
wide) we netted 100's. At least 150+ rainbow darters that had almost no red
and the most brilliant blue I have ever seen on a rainbow. I have seen
photos of blue ones from the south but never ay\anything like these here.
100+ greenside daters and about a dozen blacksides and Johnny's. I have
never collected blacksides before so that made up for not catching redfin
shiners. 2 hours of hands and arms in that cold water does make the shin
feel rotten, Arkansas I expects will be a little warmer.

Bob Muller
Red Run (the ghost river of Royal Oak)
A tributarty of the Clinton River
Great Lakes watershed

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