Re: NANFA-L-- I'm back

geoffrey kimber (
Tue, 26 Apr 2005 15:09:14 -0500


It's good to hear about the fish. too bad about the flag fish, though.

That sucker is a brassy jumprock from North Carolina that Mark Binkley
caught. I got it from him when he was planning to move but before I
realized that I was going to move.

My current job requires that I travel a lot, so I won't be able to
make the convention in June.

Weekend before last, I had to go to Lexington to get some stuff out of
storage. I couldn't resist a quick trip to a stream while I was
there. I only had a little time, so I hit a site that I *know* has a
ton of SRBDs. i came home with about a dozen or so. they are also
showing yellow fins all the time, and hte females are getting fat.

I couldn't resist a half dozen rosefin shiners because they were in full colors.

Finally, I also kept a few headwater darters.
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