Re: NANFA-L-- fishing San Antonio

geoffrey kimber (
Tue, 26 Apr 2005 19:18:28 -0500

yes, we're driving. with 3 young boys and two dogs.

I really appreciate the insights. Fishing with the family can be very
trying, (when I can't find the fish I'm looking for), but very
rewarding when my boys get excited about fishing with daddy. Knowing
where to look makes the chances of a successful trip much better.

When I lived in arizona, I would go through amarillo from time to time.

Below the dam for lake meredith (on the canadian river) there is a
small lake that has (at least had a couple of years ago) a relatively
large population of pupfish and fundulus zebrinus (which the natives
call 'zebra minnows').

A couple of years ago, I spent a *very* frustrating weekend driving
from witchita falls toward amarillo and coming up with no pupfish. I
will try the other sites you mention, but I will also aim for the

The other species you mention in texas and oklahoma are extremely
interesting to me. As I read it, virginia law really restricts me in
the number of fish native (to virginia I hope) that I can keep.

Geoff kimber
rappahanock drainage
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