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Todd D. Crail (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Sat, 30 Apr 2005 10:13:41 -0400

Yeah. As I thought about it more... $10 of landscaping rocks isn't worth
the risk. Grad school is making me cheap, and I know "cheap" can get really
danged expensive! I'm going to bleach the system and equipment as Mark
suggested and start out with all new materials. This isn't worth messin'
with any more.

Something else I was kicking around was the best way to euthenize the
fish... I've got a couple Nocomis chubs that are full sized and enough
decent sized animals I need to destroy that alka seltzer is going to be
costly and make a mess. We kicked it around-in-a deparment cookout last
night... Best we could come up with was icing them down in a cooler of water
and then finishing the job in the freezer once they were sedate (someone
said "formalin" and I was like "are you gonna stand there and get splashed?"
;) Any thoughts about this?

Thanks for all the input!
The Madness (tm)

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> there is a little bit in there about this phylum of critters, and a
> refence to a fact sheet for disinfecting infected tanks. they state
> that myxozoa can last for a year, so I would do something active
> rather than just leaving the gravel out in the sand.

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