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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- articles for AC / Bottle tanks
From: James Smith (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 12:55:56 CST

Talk to some killifish people and you will find that the 2.5 gallon
plastic shoe or sweater boxes that you can get-in-any major retailer
are also very popular small tanks. I once met a guy who said he had
200 fish tanks and I was like "Holy crap!" then I found out they were
all sweater boxes with about 2 gallons of water in each and a central
filtration/water change area and I wasn't quite as impressed. I'm sure
it was still pretty amazing though. I have several of these containers
myself made by sterlite .. they cost about $3 each.


On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:21:19 -0800, Bob Sinclair <> wrote:
> Casper:
> Do you know of any literature, printed or on the Internet, concerning
> raising
> fish in gallon jugs and larger? Sounds like they could make for some very
> interesting display pieces, done correctly.
> Bob Sinclair
> Santa Barbara CA
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> seems like i remember jim g going on about his longterm success w/ 1 gallon
> bottle tanks housing pygmy sunnies that were doing well for long periods of
> time and without water changes.
> that would be a good article in ac.
> my bottle tanks ( experiments )... 1 gallon, 7 and 13 gallon have had
> limited success. least killies in a heavily planted bottle seem to do ok...
> but not always. :(
> lately ive added small flag fish and they seem to be doing pretty good since
> they eat algae and are active.
> i light all my bottle tanks w/ artificial light or place them near windows (
> out of direct sunlight tho ).
> a variety of plants live in the bottles from java fern and moss to
> anacharis, millfoil, hornwort, anubis and water lettuce.
> ive tried pygmy and bluefin killies to minimal success. probably needed more
> live food added.
> something i dont like about the bottles tho is the awkwardness to peer into
> them, the distortion. they do look pretty and interesting especially when
> they are lush w/ plants.
> any other experiences out there?
> casper
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