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Arlus Farnsworth (
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 00:11:16 -0800

Maybe, if you considered the elaborate face paints some tribes decorated
themselves with... they were sure to have noticed the more colorful fish
in the streams and used the colorations for inspiration. Perhaps mohawks
were representative of fins. Who knows anymore? Would make a good
halloween costume, that's for sure. In the Pacific Northwest, salmon
greatly influence the indigenous people's artwork.

>> Native Americans, as most of us know, seemed to have had such a
>> spiritual
>> connection with the land that sustained them. They spent a lot of
>> time near
>> rivers and streams. Their clothing was inspired so much by the natural
>> world surrounding them, and in my opinion, some of the clothing
>> even seems
>> to remind me of the interesting colors and patterns of which
>> many Darters
>> boast on their bodies. Is it possible their is some connection???.....

>I'd say there probably wasn't any connection unless you're thinking of
>something specific. If darters had such an impact on their dress don't you
>think we'd have seen more evidence of darters in their customs and
>religions? (And colorful birds would have been around that water, too, and
>more visible.) :-)
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