NANFA-- Okefenokee collecting (long)

Roselawn Museum (
Tue, 02 Apr 2002 12:17:30 -0500

With a little help from my friends, I believe this is a reasonable list of
species collected over the weekend:

Banded pygmy sunfish
Everglades pygmy sunfish
Okefenokee pygmy sunfish
Dollar sunfish
Bluespotted sunfish
Banded sunfish
Redbreast sunfish
Largemouth bass
Pygmy killifish
Lined topminnow
Swamp darter
Taillight shiner
Coastal shiner
Redfin pickerel
Chain pickerel
Pirate perch
Brook silversides
& other shiners yet to be ID'd

Several folks stayed to collect on Sunday. Among these, Casper was supposed
to snorkel in a borrow pit, so other reports should be coming in later.
Also, I am assembling all the photos I can for a pictorial. Thanks to
everyone who made this trip so successful, especially Dustin Smith who had
the idea in the first place, and Dick Stober who organized most of the
western bunch. This is a trip that really needs to be repeated at some
point, perhaps to include the use of boats to get back into otherwise
unreachable areas. Experiences such as these make me really proud to be a
part of NANFA. GA welcomes y'all back anytime!

Steven A. Ellis
NANFA's GA Regional Representative
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