Re: NANFA-- chinese paddlefish
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 18:26:40 EST

All I have found so far is just a few scraps of info that really don't
connect well. Like the Chinese paddle fish is a predator not a filter feeder,
it's paddle is cone shaped instead of flat and that the Chinese import a
great many North American paddlefish fry and eyed eggs for some reason not
explained. I have spent hours looking for an illustration but no luck. If
there was ever an ecosystem that needed to be preserved by captive breeding
the ecosystem containing the endangered fish, reptiles and mammals the region
in question has to be it. Dolphins, dwarf alligators, and many rare fish.
Most of these animals are temperent zone animals so maybe a large lake in
North America could be used to house and help breed them. I know that is a
crazy idea but one day they will be missed. From what I have been able to
find out the Three Gorges Dam (that might not be the exact name) project is
queuing up to be the largest unnatural disaster on record but the Chinese
haven't consulted me as of yet ;-) But if wishes were fishes!

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