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Thu, 4 Apr 2002 09:21:40 EST

hi mark and anyone interested...
tektites are small glass objects that have been shaped by plunging thru the
earth's atmosphere. they have literally fell from the sky.
tektites theoratically were created from 2 studied possibilities.
the most widely accepted is ejecta from meteor impacts. a meteor striking the
earth at a low angle kicks up a shower of debris which rains back on the
earth as cooled glass fragments. the areas where they are found are known
as"strewn" fields. the earth has about ten such sites... one of which is in
central georgia by god!
the other theory is that they were vented, spewn into space from lunar
volcanos. a theory still embraced by many scientists. a bit far fetched i
an undiscussed third possibility... my own theory... is that they are
depleted iridium rod fragments that were radically reshaped during localized
atmospheric fuel purges from stellar non organic devices. not local boys.
only about 1200 "georgities" have been found... making them the most rare.
and coby and i did not find # 1201 after a couple days of wandering freshly
plowed cotton fields, dirt roads and pine forests while evading truancy
georgities appear dark but when you hold them up to the light they are a
beautiful deep coke bottle green color.
i have several tektites from indochina... very common. nearly opaque coal
black glass.
moldavites are from checkolsovakia and are often cut into gem stones.
connie's engagement ring has one along w/ a blue diamond. a greenish blue
another strewn field is in rob denkhaus's backyard TEXAS. they are known as
bediasites for some odd reason. they are fairly common.
tektites are of no real value... such as gold, diamonds or such. but one of
earth's intriging mysterys.
still perhaps if i find enough i may be able to reassemble a stardrive system
for my 1966 opel kadette station wagon.

if you wish to see one go to these 2 sites...

SEE by Reflected Light:

SEE by Transmitted Light:

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