NANFA-- FW: I need help regarding alligator gars and bowfins.

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Subject: I need help regarding alligator gars and bowfins.

I'm Ollie from Malaysia. I'm a 22-year old guy, living
in Kedah Darul Aman ( The Paddy Bowl Of Malaysia, as
Kedah is known in Malaysia ), a northern state of
peninsular Malaysia.

My hobby ( more of an obsession ) is keeping exotic
fish species. I'm writing here to learn more about
Gars ( especially Alligator Gars ). I've kept Clown
Knifefish, Asian Knifefish and currently keeping
Bichirs and Gars.

I now have 10 Senegal Bichirs ( the largest is nearly
1' long and the smallest is about 3" long ), 2
( 3"long ) and 2 specimen of what I suspected to be
shortnosed/spotted Gar ( about 8-9" long ).

The Gars are living happily on a steady diet of
asian-flying barb and juvenile walking catfish ( which
are all bred to be feeder fish ).

I used to keep Hillstream Loaches ( Gastromyzon
Punctulatus, self-caught Homaloptera Tweedei, some
unidentified loaches ), but the mantainance ( feeding
them algae and live blood-worm every other day- at the
time I was keeping the Hillstream Loaches, it was
drought season in Malaysia, so bloodworms are rare ),
so caring for them is a little bit out of my league.

I'm writing here to learn more about Gars ( especially
Alligator Gars ). You see, Gars are only available
seasonally and the price are abit unstable, one shop
offers them for RM120 per fish ( USD31.50 ) while the
other offered them for RM40 ( USD10.50 ).

The Gars were all about 6 inches long and the shops
always label them as Alligator/Crocodile Fish, but I
suspected what I've bought were Spotted Gar or
Shortnosed Gar, which are nonetheless impressive fish
species. I've searched the net for pictures, infos,
ETC about the real Alligator Gar but it's hard to
learn about the care and mantainance of the fish you
only see on the net :). Any detailed care and
mantainance guides for the specie are appreciated.

I would like to know where I could get some specimen
of young Alligator Gar ( 5-6" or smaller ). I'm also
interested in keeping bowfins ( 4-5" ). Both are
magnificent specie and if possible I want to try and
breed them in one of my fathers' pond (
elevated-ground dug, 15'x8' ). If you know someone,
who offers these species at an affordable (
preferably- cheap & cheapest for I'm just a college
student ;) ) please let me know, my email address is
< >. Thank you.

P/S: Please include the fish price apiece plus the
size and postal charge and any other additional
charges so I could set my budget & pardon my bad
english ;).
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