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from "Aquarium Highlights," Wm T. Innes (ed.), Innes Publishing,
Philadelphia, 1951

Physico-chemical techniques for getting rid of hydra -
1. Remove fishes and raise water temperature to 105-110 o F for half hour
2. Remove fishes and treat with permanganate of potash (1/4 grain to gallon)
for 8 hours
3. Quinine sulphate, 1/2 grain to gallon.
4. Ammonium sulphate, 4 grains/gallon

For the non-chemists, biologial control of hydra -
1. Ampullaria gigas (Infusoria snail)
2. Trichogaster trichopterus and T. leeri (Three-spot or blue gourami, pearl

This last technique is probably the most famous as it appears in numerous
editions of Exotic Aquarium Fishes. Innes apparently gave demonstrations
locally. In his article "Raising Fish on Hydra" he reports setting up a
public exhibition for an "important public meeting of the Pennsylvania Fish
Culturists' Association" using a divided aquarium stocked with hydra on one
side and gouramis on the other. When the partition was removed, for a
gathering a spectators, the gouramis "went to work with a will" and in 15
minutes the hydra were gone. Innes' article includes two photographs of the
hydra-gobbling gouramis.

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Fluke tablets do the job according to many people. I haven't tried them I
have used a copper-formalin remedy and it is effective too.

Lee Harper
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Somehow I think that just might bother the nesting fish.

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