NANFA-- RE: New England Meeting Notes

Richard J Rego (
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 10:04:15 -0400

Hello All,

Sorry this didn't get out on Sunday night. The first regional
meeting of 2002 of the NANFA New England chapter was held on Sunday,
April 14th. Attendance wasn't as high as it's been in the, but that was
most likely due to the gorgeous weather (high 70s/low 80s). I know a
couple of people who were planning on attending, that got side tracked to
yard work!!!!
But never the less, the meeting went on with 7 people in
attendance (4 of them current NANFA members). Applications went to the
others. The meeting started out with the usual mulling around the
display tanks at the nature center, talking fish, and eating
snacks..including the obligatory goldfish crackers, a staple at all NANFA
New England meetings! NANFA member Brian Bastarache did a great power
point presentation on the native fishes of Massachusetts (vs. the
introduced species). We also talked about spreading some of the work
load out to other members, but it was tabled until another meeting, when
more people are in attendance. After the meeting, several of us (Brian,
George Arndt, Rich Butts, and I) went to the Taunton River to do some dip
netting. The trip started off with George slipping and sinking into the
marsh bank! But he got his killifish anyway. We collected Mummichogs
(Fundulus heteroclitus), Threespine Sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
and Fourspine Sticklebacks (Apeltes quadracus), along with tons of shore
shrimps (Paleamonetes sp.) and lots of small crabs (Neopanope sayi and
others). So Rich and George got to go home with some fish.
We will be planning another meeting soon, hopefully for next
month. Keep your eyes out on the list for further info.

Rick Rego
NANFA New England Reg. Rep.
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