Re: NANFA-- fish size trivia question

Dave Neely (
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 19:47:05 -0500


>What family of fishes exhibits the greatest size range among two of its
>species among all fish families in the world?
>Hint: the largest species in this family can grow up to 223 times larger
>than its smallest.
>Bonus points if you can tell me what the two species are.

OK, I'm perplexed... are you sure the 223X is correct ?!
All of my calculations are coming out way lower than that.

Siluridae (122x difference):
Silurus glanis (max 5 m)
Silurichthys sanguineus (max 4.1 cm)

Characidae: (103.7x)
Hydrocyanus goliath (1.4 m)
Xenurobrycon pteropus (1.35cm)

Serranidae (83.3x):
Epinepheleus itajara (2.5 m)
Plectranthias lomgimanus (3 cm)

Dalatiidae: (26.7x)
Eridacnis radcliffei (max 25 cm)
Somniosus microcephalus (max 6.4 m)

or the Acipenseridae (22.2x):
Huso huso (max 6 m)
Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni (max 27 cm)

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