Re: NANFA-- fish size trivia question

Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 08:08:18 -0400

> They [cyprindids] are run a close second by the Pimelodidae, from the 3m+
> Brachyplatystoma down to a couple of species that barely make it to 20mm.

When I first looked into this, I suspected pimelodids right off the bat.
Brachyplatystoma filamentosum get to 2.8 m (or more). But I couldn't be sure
that I had determined the smallest pimelodid. The smallest I could find in
my (scant) neotropical fish library was Microglanis poecilus at 3.2 cm. What
species are smaller?

Cyprinids also have the greatest size range among native species in North
America (48.65x):

Ptychocheilus lucius (1.8 m)
Notropis tropicus (3.7 cm)

Ictalurids come in second (39.29x):

Ictalurus furcatus (165 cm)
Noturus staunali (4.2 cm)

>Wouldn't that be the sharks? Compare the Whale shark with
>some of the itsy-bitsy reef types?

Sharks are distributed across some 29 different families.

Chris Scharpf
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