Re: NANFA--Humor at end- AARRGHH (EPA Would Allow Mine Dumping

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 17:25:11 -0500

You are right, that is how I interpreted the meaning, I guess I was just
using this as an example of what I see or read so often. There are ways to
get these things with minimal impact to the ecosystems. It might cost more,
but I was hoping that we are at a point in time that we know its worth extra
effort to do a job right. There is no such thing as no impact, I know that,
other than not doing these things at all. My personal opinion is if
environmental groups came up with clever ways to extract these resources
with low impact, they could make money from companies wanting to do this.
It would be much easier to get public support for a mine if the public knew
that a method that would disturb the area as little as possible was being
used, and designed by the " opponents" of the mining companies. Instead all
is stopped, the price of not just these fuels jumps, people get upset. Then
they start not to care about these things at all. Spending your kids
college tuition savings to heat your home for a winter is enough to make
someone pretty mad. Then the finger is pointed the other way. If a balance
can be struck...

" It has just been discovered there is another earth on the other side of
the sun that mirrors or shadows ours. It has not been seen before because
it hid behind the sun, much like the asteroid of late. All Republicans and
CEOs of large companies plan to move there with all their ill gotten gains
after they destroy this one. Finally, we know why they don't care at all".

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