Re: NANFA--Humor at end- AARRGHH (EPA Would Allow Mine Dumping
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<< I'm with you on this. As our population grows and we keep using up
nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels, it will cost more and take new
ideas to extract resources that are presently unavailable or not
cost-effective to use. >>

Is anyone interested in reading a book that gives a real good argument that
so called fossil fuels are not! But are consistently generated in the deep
hot areas of the earth? The book is called "The deep hot biosphere" by Thomas
Gold, foreword is by Freeman Dyson. I enjoyed it immensely and if he is right
we may find large amounts of oil coal and natural gas on Mars! It makes a
good read and if it was any one but Thomas Gold it would never have been
published. BTW dumping mine tailings into streams to effectively level the
land is unconscionable. I lived there, I've seen it done, I saw an entire
river killed by brine blown out of gas wells. I've been there done that and
it really sucks. A long portion of the Poca River was effectively killed in
the mid to late 60's and is just now really getting back to some kind of
normalcy. I remember it very clearly, the first day the salt water was dumped
into "MY" river, huge freshwater clams began to die by the thousands.
Everything else followed, for several years it was difficult to even see one
minnow. the river bed turned white and blue covered by the finest mud you
have ever seen. The water turned crystal clear and nothing swam in it. Death
was everywhere, it didn't even rate a foot note in the books. The schools
refused to see what was happening and the gas companies told us all that if
we were good we would get natural gas and that the river wasn't worth
anything and they had the states blessing. They even drilled on our land
without our permission. they pushed down white oaks 8' thick and made roads
anywhere they wanted them. It was heart breaking to my family and to everyone
else as well. The cost in environmental loses was and is incalculable.


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