NANFA-- Are aquarists to blame?

Christopher Scharpf (
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 07:48:52 -0400

Moontanman typed:

>Chris, I like to see data that at least points in the other direction for a
>change. Every time I turn around we aquarists are getting blamed for a lot of
>things we don't deserve and for some reason everyone seems willing to just
>bow their heads and say "yes, it must have been our fault" Of course
>sometimes it is but not always or even most of the time. Eventually we are
>going to have to defend our hobby, we might as well start now.

Okay Moon, here's some data:

According to *Nonindigenous Fishes Introduced into Inland Waters of the United
States*, the following reasons are to blame for the spread of nonindegonous
fishes in the U.S.:

44.1%.....stocked for sport
26.0%.....aquarium release
16.4%.....bait release
3.5%.......stocked for conservation purposes
3.7%.......method unknown
2.5%.......miscellaneous (construction of canals and aqueducts, aquaculture
escapes, etc.)
2.1%.......stocked for biocontrol
1.7%.......ballast water release

So, it looks like aquarium releases account for over one fourth. Start defending

Chris Scharpf

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