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Mon, 25 Dec 2000 13:42:17 EST

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<< [I just use black aquarium gravel. For halimeda, you might want to
consider crushed coral. But if you ever want to put fish in, you're
probably better off with a dark gravel. Fish's colors fade over light
Marine fish look better over white coral sand, for some reason white sand
affects the color of marine fish the same way that dark sand does freshwater
fish. Never use silica sand in marine aquariums, it will cause a bloom of
brown diatoms and cause the pH to drop. Always use aragonite sand and gravel
or it's equivalent. Aragonite will dissolve at the pH of sea water and add
calcium and strontium ions to the water.
Where I live 90% of the sand is silica sand and brown diatoms dominate the
still water areas so silica sand even causes diatom blooms in nature. Of
course in nature many creatures eat the diatoms and wave action keeps them
from smothering everything.


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