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<< Being under 17, I've never been required to buy a license to fish, or
take fish in Michigan. This also applies to collecting native fish in
Michigan. I don't understand why a permit is required to collect non-game
species. If anyone could clear that up, I would appreciate it. ___Dan >>

If you go to the NANFA website <A HREF="">The North
American Native Fishes Association</A> , click on links, it will take you to
links of DNR sites throughout North America. (Thank you again for the
volunteers who put this together and keep it online.)

After snooping around the Michigan site, I came up with this location: <A
HREF="">Screen Pop</A>

Looks like you need a fishing license to capture "minnows." Defining minnows
and game fish would be key here. It appears it is illegal to take any
minnows in certain areas of the state.

Here in Indiana, how I understand the laws is that wildlife belongs to the
people and the state requires a license in order to harvest them. There are
some exceptions, like property owners taking on the land they reside on.
Game fish here may be taken only by normal fishing methods (hook and line).
If I catch sunfish or other game fish by net or trap, I must release them.
Also, I may not sell or trade fish. I'm not sure what they would say if I
were to attempt to sell captive bred offspring of wild caught fish.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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