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chuckmiro (
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 02:26:18 -0500

Robert Carillio [] Wrote:

> [snip] For example, in a pet super store in my area,
> you are allowed to "help yourself" in retrieving
> fish!This sounds good to the poorly informed
> consumer, but is bad news for fish. This is a terrible idea
> due to the possibilities of people having their hands
> exposed to something that may harm fish, etc. Also,
> if someone does not properly know how to catch and
> "bag-up" fish, they often chase fish around the tanks with
> nets, causing a great deal of stress!

That sounds like 99% of the lfs employees in my area. While many lfs are
operated by knowledgeable and caring people, the majority IMO are not. It's
been more than once that I've cringed at the way these people chase fish all
over the tank, and put them through a high-speed centrifuge when bagging the


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