NANFA-- Re: Fish Watching

Jane Knaub (
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 22:33:44 -0500

> George,
> I wasn't suggesting that we should change the focus of our count.
> At MD SOS we didn't collect water samples, rather we used the
> invertabrate collection data as a better indicator of long term stream
> health. The data was turned over to the state of Maryland and eventually
> the state contracted the organization to collect data for mitigation of
> highway projects. If you wanted more info on this, I can try to find an
> address for MD SOS for you. Also, at that level you need a large local
> volunteer base and accredited leadership. In this case, a biology
> professor at UMBC and his students helped to develop the protocols,
> trained the volunteers to ID the invertabrates, and donated the use of
> their labs to ID the specimens.
> All of this was done to prepare the must accurate data possible, because
> they wanted to make the stongest statements possible on water quality in
> Maryland.
> Even though they are related, I think our focus on fish populations
> would be better suited for our organiztion.
> Steven "Harry" Knaub
> York, PA

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