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<< Common names aren't important that's the reason for
scientific names to eliminate the confusion. With that said why in modern
times do we what to give common names that mislead. >>

Ahhhh....but here's where the problem lies... I'll give an example. The
spotfin chub. It's gone (in the past 20 years) from Hybopsis monacha to
Cyprinella monacha and soon to Erimonax monacha. If this isn't confusing
enough, there are some that want to rename it to turquoise shiner. There was
another common name being thrown around for it as well (can't recall it).
This is a very difficult situation, especially since the fish is federally
listed and there are "non-fish" people that have to deal with issues related
to this fish.

The common name doesn't really mean anything. If it lends some stability to a
fish like this, let's leave it alone.

When we say mosquitofish, pretty much anyone that knows North Amer. fish
knows what you're talking about....regardless whether or not it's effective
at removing mosquitos.

My .02


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