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<< The trouble with raw liver is that it is the organ where animals
a lot of metabolic wastes and poisons, as well as high concentrations of
vitamin A that in some species can be lethal (e.g., polar bears). Of course,
300+ years ago there would have been fewer ambient wastes in the environment
to be concentrated, so honoring animals' souls woulda been safer...
If you have ever cleaned a shark you would see one of the biggest most
appetizing livers anywhere. (I like liver) Unfortunately shark liver is
poison due to the vitamin a content as well. Being a Carnivore myself, I
think that raw flesh is quite tasty, invertebrates too. The draw back is the
danger of parasites in uncooked flesh. Vegetables or at least a good many of
them are better raw or just steamed a little. people eat far too much
processed and over cooked food. The cooking process releases chemicals
similar to creosote in the food that can be dangerous especially if it is
burnt or browned too much. I my native American ancestors were right in
eating many foods raw or lightly cooked. Even dried food was prepared with a
minimum of heat.

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