RE: NANFA-- Regional Refs: was Aquatic Plant Field Guide-Biofiltr

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 17:09:44 -0600

Three regional guides which may also be of interest:

Nelson, E.N. and R.W. Couch. 1985. Aquatic Plants of Oklahoma I:
Submersed, Floating-Leaved, and Selected Emergent Macrophytes. Oral Roberts
University, Tulsa, 113 pp. [Spiral-bound paperback, with dichotomous keys,
distribution maps, small B&W photos]

Tarver, D.P., J.A. Rodgers, M.J. Mahler, and R.L. Lazor. 1979. Aquatic and
Wetland Plants of Florida. Florida Dept. Nat. Res., Tallahassee, 127 pp.
[Paperback, glossy, large-format, 1 species/page; three color photographs of
each species at progressively closer distance; was free from DNR for years;
many copies floating around]

Beal, E.O. 1977. A Manual of Marsh and Aquatic Vascular Plants of North
Carolina with Habitat Data. North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station,
Raleigh, NC, 298 pp. [very thorough; dichotomous keys and detailed line
drawings; of particular interest to aquatic plant cultivators is the four
parameter water quality scale provided for most of the species: pH,
chloride, organic matter, and conductivity]

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