Re: NANFA-- River Use Issues in GA/AL/FL

Jay DeLong (
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 10:50:55 -0800

At 10:16 AM 12/16/00, you wrote:
>well Jay, the posted question I was replying to was
>asking if it was practical, and that was my reply,
>yes, very practical.I can think of a number of places
>where it would be very workable, and economically at

Sure, practical from an engineering/technological standpoint, but
impractical from a real-world application with its mixture of politics,
private property rights, government regulation, etc. Water flows where
water will flow. You aren't going to sell people on a grand plan to dig
canals through the countryside. It's impractical from a biological
standpoint, too. Invariably you would cut across river basins and connect
previously separate streams and from a salmonid viewpoint, this would
really mess them up and cause false imprinting, cross-breeding, and
more. This would be worse than the dams and make the whole project quite
illegal. I'm sure the situation in the SE, with its many T&E species,
would present problems, too. So, when you look it all over with an
objective eye, what better solution than to simply remove the dams?! :-)

>Your reply sounded upset,

No, just quite aware of the biological, private property and eminent domain
issues, ones that are as hot as any in this country. I disagree with your
assessment that private landownwers will like canals dug through their
properties. Even landowners adamantly opposed to dam removal would have a
change of heart if the cost of keeping dams in place became losing their land.



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