Re: NANFA-- River Use Issues in GA/AL/FL- long winded
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 06:43:56 EST

I am Proud of you. I think it takes courage to tell all the conservatives
that you are liberal. Personally, I don't know what the difference is
suppose to be. It all seems to be the same to me. I was listening to a
discussion where someone was saying they believed in god and another person
was saying they were just as firm in their belief that there is no god. and
I had the spiritual experience that they were both saying the same thing.
when once we experience our sameness, and oneness. I think a lot of the
problems discussed in these nanfa pages will dissolve away.

after all don't we all believe we are living creatures just like the living
fish. we all share that same life. we are in the same soup bowl of the
planet earth. we cannot stay alive as the one and only living species. this
is not a conflict between them and us. they live or we live. no I think we
all know we can only live by allowing all the others to live also.

I think both the conservatives and the liberals support staying alive. now
back to the fish and nanfa.

george arndt
harvard, mass

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Date: 12/17/00 10:58:49 PM Eastern Standard Time

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<< But, hey, I like innovative thinking (I think an open mind goes along
the definition of "Liberal" <G>)
I consider myself to be a liberal and I am proud of it. The difference
between a liberal and a conservative is that you can disagree with a liberal
without worrying he will want to put you in jail for being different. :P

Moon >>

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