Re: NANFA-- sacrifices to protect the environment
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 22:01:33 EST

Obviously many folks don't know what natural heritage programs are supposed
to do. In all 50 states, their job is to help avoid conflicts between
developers, department of transportation, etc. . . They do this by using
information on where endangered species might be found in planning for all
sorts of development. I've been working for a natural heritage program for 10
years. We don't often have to say "no", but we do often help to change the
plans before the project gets too far along. Everybody wins, usually. This
process actually works. I'm sure you're lack of response in attempting to
contact your local heritage program is probably because you didn't approach
them correctly. What exactly were you expecting to get from them?
Peggy Shute
In a message dated 12/15/00 7:22:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Ref National heritage Program, send an email to the
link that they provide for your state program, if its
like the NY one you get an auto response saying that
they cant respond but thanks anyhow.

So much for National Heritage Program recruitment.
Results are about as intense. Based on what I see of
it so far I am for abolishing it myself, I have been
waiting to see some results and all I am is waiting.

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