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<< Abolish on not replying to the email, no,
abolish for being ineffectual, is entirely another
story. Since its establishment I have been waiting to
hear of accomplishments. Still waiting.
I knew letting my wife handle the controls of this computer would syir up
something. I had to tone down her earlier response. But, I'll answer this one
for her. Since she's been with TVA's (and yes, we both cringed when she took
a job with TVA) Heritage program, I've seen many good things come of this.
She's probably done more good for southeastern aquatic habitats and fauna
than anyone I know!

She often has to consult on things like powerline crossings, bridge building,
stream divertments etc.... More often than not, she doesn't tell the
developers that they CAN'T no something. Rather, she points out a better
way...or a better time. She relies heavily on the accumulated Heritage data.
Many, many other agencies rely on this data. It's not really there for the
individual (not that they don't have a right to it), it's just not geared
that way. Jake, someone should have gotten back to you and discussed this.
Unfortunately, not all Heritage programs are the same, but their data is
still important and abolishing the one in Texas was pretty much done because
they didn't want to know these things! Out of sight, out of mind.

This is probably the only TVA program I haven't seen major lay-offs in over
the past 10 years. It's because they see it saves them millions of $$! It may
simply be a selfish act on TVA's part, but the habitat is what benefits!

J.R. Shute

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