NANFA-- Shipping in Winter
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 09:42:46 EST

Today is Friday Dec 29th and we are having a very cold winter almost
everywhere. I just received 2 wonderful red finned pickerel in the mail from
Maryland to my home here in Massachusetts. they came in 2 bags. one fish in
each. the fish are about 5 inches long. skinny and long. not a real large
body weight like some fish might be. they are the coolest looking fish.
they look in perfect shape. the water temperature in the box was 50 F
according to the thermometer I used. ( not sure it is super accurate )..
the fish were bagged and some newspaper put inside to keep the bags from
moving around. plenty of air in the bag.

I put the fish into a 125 gallon tank with full glass top in the sunniest
room in my house. the water temperature was 50 F in the 125. I adjusted it.
it was about as cold as I can make it. hehe. good thing they did not
arrive at 40 F or I would need ice cubes. hehe. this is my nicest tank. I
am putting in water hyacinth. would love to receive some other kinds of
plants if anyone has any.

I want to thank everyone in nanfa for provinding me with the excitement and
joy of native fish. this is like a dream come true. I especially want to
thank those who collected the fish and those who shipped them. I don't know
how god says thank you to santa clause. but that is the way I feel. thank
you. you are so wonderful that words do not convey the full joy that fills
my heart.

I wanted to send this to everyone in nanfa to let them know that we can ship
fish in the cold weather. tropical fish probably would be dead at 50 F, but
our wonderful natives did it just fine.

They were sent to my local post office general delivery with my cell phone
number on it. they shipped on wednesday and arrived by 8 am on Friday. less
than 48 hours. they were in a nice styrofoam box. by having the post office
phone me I saved time from waiting all day for them to arrive at my house,
and the fish stayed inside the post office so they would not freeze. the
post office called me at 7:50 am 10 minutes before the postoffice opens. they
were willing to allow me to pick them up early before opening officially. We
have a great PO in harvard. this is a very small town. Harvard university
is in Cambridge massachusetts, a very large town.

these are just some ideas for everyone to consider if you want to ship fish.


George Arndt
Harvard, MA

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