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>But here's the thing - hunting, fishing, and otherwise killing animals
>is a pasttime which creates in participants a love for the outdoor
[Ken Wintin] Right ON! I work with people who are well educated, erudite,
and care about the environment, but this past election has brought out
honest-to-god bigotry on their parts. It seems that they, almost to a
person, think that they are highly superior to all less educated, hunting,
or agriculture oriented, persons. I was shocked and dismayed!
It is good to hear from academicians who don't hold such attitudes. It is
easy to feel superior to others with whom you hold differing values and
opinions, but it is mighty soft ground to build on. If we cannot convince
others that our concern for the world in which we live, is honest and open,
we will never bring them over, and all will be lost, for us as a species.
Frankly, from a biological view, mass extinction, even of our own species,
is not a "bad" thing, but self-interest tells me it just don't float. I
think that the real problem was hinted at in Martin's contribution: our
self-interest is served by being good stewards of this planet.
Yes, we ARE the stewards of this planet, whether we like it, or not. We
also should be able to convince others of this.
On this same thread, Bruce mentioned canebrake roadkill. I have eaten
them and I can attest to the truth of Crocodile Dundee's statement about
similar cuisine: "Tastes like shit, but it'll keep you alive". Snake meat
tastes like paper, but will absorb and enhance sauces, just greatly.

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