NANFA-- tangerines in streams

Jay DeLong (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:37:34 -0800

At 08:15 PM 12/10/00, Dave Neely wrote:
>That said, one January a couple of years ago I spent two hours on a river
>in eastern Tennessee bobbing around in a drysuit trying to dipnet
>tangerine darters. I had forgotten my weight belt, and could not submerge
>without incredible effort, even after purging all of the air out of the
>suit. My antics attracted a small group of 4 or 5 darters who were really
>inquisitive- they'd swim up to get a closer look, I'd dive down, swipe
>with the net, and they'd zip right out of the way as I shot back to the
>surface. I finally resorted to grabbing a big boulder and balancing it on
>my stomach like a sea otter, sinking down to the bottom, and then swiping
>with the net in one hand as they came in to laugh at me. Even as
>distracted as they were, they still got the better of me. I don't think
>I've ever been as frustrated in my life (well, on second thought, there
>once was this girl...)

Dave, you fool, that's the way to catch boulder darters, not tangerine
darters! You tie a sack of tangerines around your waist to get those :-)

Seriously, would anyone care to guess how someone taking crude stream
habitat measurements could an orange?

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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