Denkhaus, Robert (DenkhaR_at_Ci.Fort-Worth.TX.US)
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 16:05:12 -0600

From: B.G. Granier

>Maybe we could award fish points, for anyone sighting a certain fish in a
stream, much like the "birders" do...........

I've seen juvenile sturgeon, gars, bowfins, sunfishes, etc. swimming along
the surface, but how other than underwater photography could we certify
other sightings of rare and often elusive fish in less than perfect clarity
of our numerous streams?<

The birders realize that everyone is not an expert and there are many LBB
(Little Brown Bird) or LBJ (Little Brown Jobs) sightings to encompass the
unknowns. In addition to actual sightings, I guess that I was thinking more
along the line of "nettings" where we would actually sample a stretch of
stream/lake/other waterway and report our findings along with a quantifiable
description of our collection efforts. If nothing else, initiating such an
event nation-wide would bring attention to native fish populations. Press
releases originating out of NANFA (and NFC for that matter) announcing the
event, bringing in state fisheries people, etc. We could have a lot of fun
and maybe someday bring fish watching up to the level of birding. Look at
what the butterfly people have done in recent years. Dragonfly watching is
even becoming big now-a-days.

Fisheries experts! How do you quantify your effort?

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