RE: NANFA-- Ohio mussels

Ashton, Matthew J. (
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 22:04:40 -0400

who did you talk to about this rule? I know my scientific permit allows for
collection of live animals if notified and its jsut a standard one. I also
help out a masters student who is doing work on river substrate stability
relatino to mussel density and all his mussels come from the grand and chagrin
river which he has permissino to collect. I think the shells was directed in
the area that if you have the shell chances are you removed a live mussel but
even a dead shell provides shelter and stability to the river. This does not
apply as far as i know to zebra mussels if you are removing from your boat or
the like but removal from habitat is discouraged becuase if done by someone
with less experience it can only confound the problem thus it is deemed
possession. Like people using round gobies they catch for bait (which by the
way work great but you didnt hear that from me). Most state rules are stated
vaugely in fishing regulations anyways when pertaining to non-game fish.
Interpritations lead you to being able to collect pretty much anything youd
like but some rangers and wardens do not always see it that way.
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