NANFA-- Books Available at the Convention
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 18:16:53 -0400

I will be bringing native fish books, DeLorme atlases and other items
to the convention for your needs/wants. For those who don't know,
the DeLorme state atlases are very useful for finding remote and
not-so-remote fish collecting locales. You might also find them
useful if you get lost on your way to the group sites. I have a
limited quantity of Alabama and other states available as listed
below. I will be bringing books, but in case you want a particular
title, you may want to let me know before Thursday, so I can be sure
to have enough for everyone. These fish books are big and heavy, so
I won't bring all my stock unless you make a specific request. Not
all the titles listed here are yet on the web site, so go by this
list for now. All are in stock in limited quantities:

Books and Periodicals 6-2-2003

DeLorme Atlas & Gazeteers:

Alabama Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme, new $19.00
Tennessee Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme, new $19.00
South Carolina Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme, new $19.00
North Carolina Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme, new $19.00
Michigan Atlas & Gazeteer, DeLorme, new $19.00

American Aquarium Fishes by Robert J. Goldstein with Rodney W. Harper
and Richard Edwards, 2000, This is currently The reference for
identification, collecting, keeping and breeding North American
native fishes. This ambitious volume covers the full range of fishes
across the continent and is intended to serve the hobbyist as well as
the professional. Packed with the beautiful photos of William Roston,
Richard Bryant, Fred Rohde, Garold Sneegas and Robert Goldstein. LC
99-043786. 8 1/2x11. 448 pp. 118 color, 260 b&w photos. 24 line
drawings. ISBN 0-89096-880-2 cloth/hard cover, new published at
$99.95, our price - $45.00

North American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium by David M.
Schleser, 1998, paperback, 169 pages, ISBN 0764103679, Covers
aquarium setup and care, fish health, collecting fishes, natural
history, spawning and aquarium care information on many of the most
popular species and families, color photos of the fishes throughout,
broad coverage of the U.S. fishes, range maps, We have one. $28.00

Handbook of Darters by Larry Page, Yes, this is the out-of-print,
hard-to-find, much sought after darter book. We have one. $70.00

The American Darters by Robert A. Kuehne and Roger W. Barbou, 1984.
177 pp. + 24 color plates, The next best thing to the Page book, This
one is out of print now also, hardcover. ISBN: 0-81311-4527 $48.00

Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin by M Mettee, PE O'Neil and JM
Pierson, 2001 printing, 819 pages, hard cover, color photos of most
species, range maps, keys and natural history accounts of each
species, an essential reference for fishes of the SE United States,
ISBN 0-8487-1485-7, new - $45.00

The Inland Fishes of Mississippi by Stephen T. Ross, new $49.00

Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware
by Fred C. Rhode, Rudolf G. Arndt, David G. Lindquist and James F.
Parnell, 1994. This book contains information on how to identify some
260 species of freshwater fish, from the largemouth bass to the
rosyside dace. Over 200 color photographs, range maps, and detailed
description of each species. 222 pp. Paperback. Dimensions (in
inches): 0.80 x 9.17 x 6.10. ISBN: 0-8078-4579-5 $22.50

Fishes of Arkansas by Henry W. Robison and Thomas M. Buchanan, 1988.
This comprehensive book on Arkansas fishes includes information on
the history of ichthyology in Arkansas, the types of environments
available to Arkansas fishes, species accounts, distribution maps,
color photographs, and identification keys. Paperback. 536 pp.
Dimensions (in inches): 1.42 x 11.02 x 8.60. ISBN: 1557280010 $25.00

Fishes of the Central United States by Joseph R. Tomelleri and Mark
E. Eberle, 1990. Includes 163 full-color illustrations by Tomelleri
and a forward by Frank Cross. Lively text for anglers and naturalists
alike. Hardcover. ISBN 0-7006-0457-X $35.00

Fishes in Kansas by Frank Cross and Joseph T. Collins, 1995. 2nd ed.,
revised. Features color drawings and photographs of the 135 native
and introduced species in Kansas. Provides common and scientific
names, with information on appearance, size, habitat, reproduction,
food and behaviors. Softcover. 336 pp. Dimensions (in inches): 0.88 x
11.82 x 5.02. ISBN 0893380490 $20.00

Fishes of the Minnesota Region by Gary L. Phillips, William D. Schmid
and James C. Underhill, 1982. This is the definitive guide to the 148
kinds of fishes found in Minnesota's waters with keys to
identification of families of Minnesota fishes, and complete
description and portraits of fishes. Includes 149 full-color
photographs. Paperback, 248 pp. Dimensions (in inches): 0.53 x 8.55 x
5.49. ISBN 0816609829 $17.00

Cichlids of North & Central America by Donald Conkel, 1997, T.F.H.
Publications, 191 p, hardcover, Dimensions (in inches): 0.49 x 11.08
x 8.44, ISBN 0793802059 $25.00

Inland Fishes of California by Peter B. Moyle, Chris Mari Van Dyck
(Illustrator), Joe Tomelleri (Illustrator), 2002. Revised and
expanded from the first edition of 1976. Illustrated by line drawings
and color paintings, this book treats both native and introduced
species, keys for identification, and species accounts with taxonomy,
distribution, life history and characteristics. Hardcover. 502 pp.
plus 12 color plates. Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 11.36 x 8.76.
ISBN 0520227549 $68.00

The Fishes of Illinois by Philip W. Smith, Paperback, 352 pages ;
Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 10.94 x 8.44, Univ of Illinois Pr (Pro
Ref); Reprint edition (August 2002) ISBN: 0252070844 - $34.95

The Fishes of Ohio by Milton Trautman, the dean of Ohio ichthyology,
cloth hard cover, 782 pages, Covers distribution of fish, changes in
Ohio's ecosystem, glossaries, species accounts, includes 177 maps,
177 figures, 28 outline drawings of key families, 5 color plates, dot
range maps, keys, Ohio State Univ Press, ISBN 0814202136, 1982
Revised edition, new - $85.00

Fishes of Wisconsin by George C Becker, cloth hard cover, 1052 pages,
color plates, black and white photos, line drawings, range maps,
species accounts, keys, "mother of all native fish books", a treasure
trove of fish information, this book is three inches thick. If you
have a thicker book, it is likely an unabridged dictionary, ISBN
0-299-08790-5, new - $122.00

Fishes of Tennessee by DA Etnier and WC Starnes, 2001 printing, hard
cover, 689 pages, color photos of most species, photos of both sexes
for dimorphic species, range maps, keys and natural history accounts
of each species, the fishes of Tennessee include Mississippi River
basin fishes as well as eastern and southeastern fishes that are
found in several other states, making this book an invaluable
resource. Tennessee has more darter species than any other state, you
can see them here in full color. ISBN 0-87049-711-1, list price
$70.00, our price, new - $73.00

The Inland Fishes of New York State by Smith, C. Lavett, N. Y. State
Department of Environmental Conservation, 1985, 1st edition,
cloth/hardcover, 522 pages, 8 color plates illustrating 19 species,
line drawings of each species, natural history accounts and New York
range maps, includes marine species that enter fresh water, keys to
the species, new, ISBN 0-9615433-0-2 - $29.00

Fishes of the Great Basin: A Natural History by William F. Sigler and
John W. Sigler, 1987, University of Nevada Press, xviii + 425 p. + 8
color plates, hardcover, University of Nevada Press Illustrated;
Dimensions (in inches): 1.40 x 9.82 x 7.18, ISBN 0874171164 - $55.00

Peterson's Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes, North America North of
Mexico by LM Page and BM Burr, Houghton Mifflin publisher, latest
printing (2001), soft cover, 432 pages, color illustrations and line
drawings, range maps, graphical and text cues to species
identification, This is the native fish enthusiast's fish ID Bible.
The most usable guide to freshwater fishes of the entire US. Use the
Atlantic and Pacific Coast Field Guides for the coastal killifishes
and brachish and marine species. ISBN 0-395-91091-9, New, list price
$18.00, our price $16.00

Peterson's Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes (North America), by
C. Richard Robins and G. Carleton Ray, illustrations by John Douglass
and Rudolf Freund, Houghton Mifflin publisher, soft cover, 354 pages,
color illustrations and line drawings, graphical and text cues to
species identification, Covers jawless fishes, cartilaginous fishes
and bony fishes including estuarine and brachish water fishes.
Includes the coastal marine and brachish killifishes that are not
covered in the freshwater field guide. Indispensable to the
collector. Over 60 illustrated plates. ISBN 0-395-39198-9. new
condition, list price $17.95, our price $12.00

Peterson's Field Guide to Pacific Coast Fishes (North America), by
William N. Eschmeyer and Earl S. Herald, illustrations by Howard
Hammann, Houghton Mifflin publisher, latest printing (2001), soft
cover, 336 pages, color illustrations and line drawings, graphical
and text cues to species identification. Covers jawless fishes,
sharks, rays, and chimaeras, bony fishes including estuarine and
brachish water fishes such as the coastal killifishes. Over 40
illustrated plates. ISBN 0-395-26873-7. New, list price $19.00, our
price $17.00

Fishes of Utah: A Natural History, by William F. Sigler and John W.
Sigler, illustrations by Joseph R. Tomelleri, 1996, hard cover, 375
pages. Includes species by species account of all fishes established
in Utah waters, their life histories, descriptions, and management.
Illustrated key for rapid identification, 48 illustrated plates by
Joseph Tomelleri. University of Utah Press, ISBN 0-87480-469-8. New.

Fishes of Missouri by William L Pflieger, Missouri Dept of
Conservation publisher, soft cover, 372 pages, 1997 revised and
expanded edition, photos, drawings, graphical and text keys and
distribution maps, accounts of all species found in the state, good
coverage of the central US/Ozark fishes, ISBN 1-887247-11-4, new -

Freshwater Fishes of South-Eastern Australia, Edited by Robert
McDowall, 1996 Revised Edition, 247 pages, excellent color photos,
species accounts and range maps, keys to the families, paperback,
new, ISBN 0-7301-04621 - $23.00

The Crayfishes of Missouri by William L Pflieger, Missouri Dept of
Conservation publisher, soft cover, 151 pages, color photos, detailed
line drawings, ranges maps, keys, a very user friendly book similar
to the best of the Fishes-of books, species accounts for 32
crayfishes, including the dwarf crayfishes, shufeldtii and puer, a
great book to learn how to identify crayfishes as a group, glossary
of anatomical terms, ISDN 1-887247-05-X, new - $16.00

Amphibians and Reptiles of Missouri, by Tom R. Johnson, Missouri Dept
of Conservation publisher, second edition, color photos and range
maps throughout, line drawings and keys for species ID, Originally
published in 1987, this revised edition includes natural history and
distributional data for the salamanders, frogs, turtles, snakes and
lizards from the hellbender to the five-lined skink. This edition
includes two new lizards and the western chicken turtle that have
been discovered in the state. The revision also includes an
illustrated guide to larvae of 11 salamander species. 368 pages.
Revised 2000. ISBN 1-887247-24-6, New, Hard Cover Edition - $25.00

Missouri Naiades by Ronald D Oesch, Missouri Dept of Conservation
publisher, soft cover, 271 pages, excellent black and white
illustrations, range maps and keys to the species of freshwater
mussels in Missouri streams and rivers. Mussels are food for many
animals and important indicator species for the health of our
waterways. At the turn of the century, they were used in great
quantities to supply a thriving button industry. This guide provides
information about anatomy, reproduction, distribution, economic
importance and ecology of Missouri's 66 species of naiades. Revised
1995, new - $9.00

American Currents, journal of the North American Native Fishes
Association, quarterly publication with hard-to-find information on
the biology and captive care of North American fishes, black and
white photos and line drawings. The following issues are available:

Summer 2000, Vol 26, Issue 3, 39 pages, $6.00
Winter 2001, Vol 27, Issue 1, 39 pages, $6.00
Spring 2001, Vol 27, Issue 2, 35 pages, $6.00
Summer 2001, Vol 27, Issue 3, 35 pages, $6.00
Fall 2001, Vol 27, Number 4, 35 pages, $6.00
Winter 2002, Vol 28, Number 1, 35 pages, $6.00
Spring 2002, Vol 28, Number 2, $6.00
Summer 2002, Vol 28, Number 3, $6.00
Fall 2002, Vol 28, Number 4, $6.00
Winter 2003, Vol 29, Number 1, $6.00
Spring 2003, Vol 29, Number 2, $6.00

Bettas a Complete Introduction by Walt Maurus, TFH CO-005 S, soft
cover, 125 pages, color photos on almost every page, ISBN
0-86622-288-X, lightly shop worn - $10.00

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 1, by Svein A Fossa & Alf
Jacob Nilsen, 1996 First Edition, Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag
publisher, Germany, in English, hard cover, 362 pages, color photos
on almost every page, 14 chapters cover wild reef ecology, tank setup
and maintenance, organisms and conservation. ISBN 3-928819-29-1,
bottom edges of cover slightly dented, new condition - $70.00

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 2, by Svein A Fossa & Alf
Jacob Nilsen, 1998 First Edition, Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag
publisher, Germany, in English, hard cover, 479 pages, color photos
on almost every page, 16 chapters cover hydroids, jellyfishes, corals
and anemones of all kinds. ISBN 3-928819-23-2, bottom edges of cover
slightly dented, new condition - $70.00

The Manual of Tank Busters, by Gina Sandford & Richard Crow, Tetra
Press No. 16011, hard cover, 160 pages, color photos on almost every
page, a guide to big fishes such as gars, bowfin arrowanas, oscars,
catfishes, snakeheads and others, ISBN 3-89356-041-6, new condition -

The Official Guide to Goldfish, Goldfish Society of America, TFH
TS-156, 1996 Edition, soft cover, 126 pages, color photos throughout,
basic guide to goldfish care and goldfish varieties, ISBN
0-86622-607-9, new condition - $14.00

Fish Breeding and Genetics, Aquariology series, by JB Gratzek, PV
Loiselle and Joanne Norton, Tetra Press No. 16856, hard cover, 86
pages, guide to genetics, selective breeding, and breeding various
types of fishes including livebearers and egg layers, ISBN
1-56465-106-1, new condition - $10.00

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