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Kevin (
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 13:22:21 -0700

I am not sure about their laws on keeping native fish. I am going to have to
check that out as well. I know the salmon are VERY protected. If you fish
for them you have to have a tag for them just like you do if you are deer
hunting. But it would not surprise me if they were strict on them. They tend
to be strict on anything here dealing with nature. Last year they cut the
farmer's water and said there would be record lows in the salmon population
due to our drought. But just when you think you got nature figured out you
get a curve ball. They had record high numbers last year during the salmon

On 6/4/03 1:08 PM, "Sajjad Lateef" <> wrote:

> --- Jay DeLong <> wrote:
>> At 09:16 AM 6/4/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Partly because of a fish I found in one of our local streams and I
>>> am trying to find out what it is. I think it is Cottus Bairdi
>> (Mottled
>>> Sculpin) but I am not sure.
>> Welcome to the list, Kevin. Unles you're in far eastern Oregon, I'd
>> say
>> it's unlikely that you have a mottled sculpin. The mottled has a lot
>> of
>> stuff written about it because it's so common in other parts of the
>> US and
>> Canada. Where do you live and is there any way to take a clear photo
>> of
>> that fish? If not, can you describe it? There are quite a few
>> freshwater
>> sculpins in Oregon.
> Oregon, the home of our own Norm Edelen and I also recall, has some
> strangely restrictive laws about keeping native fishes?
> Aren't they just as restrictive as WA and CA?
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