Re: NANFA-- hydras, flatworms, etc.

Todd Crail (
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 13:13:58 -0400

Yes. Please keep me posted. I'm glad you have the scope at your disposal.
It wouldn't happen to have a USB port on it to send photos to a computer
would it? ;)

And... Not everyone is into the Southeast (although they do have some
fantastic diversity there!). Some of us are pretty apt to promote local
life here in Ohio :)

Okay... Now to finish setup of the semi-aggressive 75 gal in the basement.
Pics soon to come, I'm sure.

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> Thanks, Todd. Yes, I suspect you're right that Darwin's Select are still
> there! I'm watching and waiting. Meanwhile, I was looking at Pennack this
> morning, and plopped a couple of the worms under a borrowed dissecting
> scope. I'm thinking they may be freshwater oligochaetes. They have what
> to be very faint eye spots, and I also noted that they seem to have "buds"
> near the tail that are perhaps fixing to bud many of these
> freshwater annelids apparently do. Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted.
> Dave Whitacre.
> PS--I'm in Boise, Idaho, but I hail from southern Illinois originally, and
> that is the small stream fauna I am imprinted on. So, I'm way into the
> southeastern fauna you guys seem to be mostly into.
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