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hyperelectra (
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 22:54:31 -0500

I have accidentally discovered a great way to "manufacture" tadpoles. I have
had a steady supply now for over three months and boy do they make great
feeders. I even use them for my native saltwater fish.

First you must live within the range of the common tree frog found here in
FL. (the ones commonly heard croaking all night long - almost year round).

Here is how you can do it yourself:

All you need to do is place a 5 gallon bucket (or larger) filled 3/4 full
with dechlorinated water. Place the bucket outside under a light source. I
keep mine underneath my garage door porch light. The key ingredient you need
to add is a small floating plant that takes lots of sunlight.

Turn on your light source an hour or so each night. You will have frogs
making a racket within a day or so. The light source attracts insects which
draw the frogs in like a magnet. The frogs love to hang out inside and
around the bucket of water. Check the bucket daily for eggs. The eggs will
hatch in a couple of days. I feed the hatchlings dried bloodworms, but fine
flake will do. They will also feed naturally along the floating plant. I
feed mine so they grow quicker.

The tadpoles work great for my Dwarf Sole who are shy bottom feeders. I
simply net a bunch, rinse them in a small container with tank water, and
drop them in the tank at night.

If you live somewhere where the frogs are kicking up a racket year round,
don't miss out on this abundant, healthy, and free food source your fish
will love.


Spike's Everglades Aquarium
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