NANFA-- Huntsville Convention

David Ramsey (
Sun, 8 Jun 2003 19:51:25 -0400

This was my first convention. It will not be my last. I am already looking
forward to next year. Good accomodations, good speakers, lots of great
pictures and video. I don't think I have ever seen so many plastic buckets
in one place in my whole life. All making these little humming sounds.
I have never kept any cooler water stuff, so I had hopes for a good time,
maybe some plants, couple pieces of wood, cool rocks. Got them all. By the
sights, sounds, and noises coming from everyone it appeared that the number
of species was very good. Spawning colors everywhere. I mostly took
pictures. Unfortunately in the group I went with no one did a really big
slip or fall or did anything to really embarass themselves. I took about 100
pics, here are a couple to wet your appetites for more of mine. Other people
I am sure will upload some of their pics. Lots of daces, darters, turtles,
crawfish, some sunfish, some wierd bass type things (a picture of one
below), a few killie species.
And a couple of gar. One was bigger....but the other one had more teeth.
Plant wise, a really awesome moss attached to the rocks. Sorta like java
moss but it stayed real short. Is going to look great on some driftwood, And
a short runner type plant, kinda like a nanja grass crossed with a pygmy
chain sword. Looks like a good foreground plant if it can take aquarium
conditions. And someone gave me this really cool piece of wood that was all
gnarly from beavers chewing on it.

I am new to this stuff, so I don't know the names of the fish and all that
stuff yet. But I tell you. Everyone had a great time, lots of fish, lots of
kinds of fish. And at least where we were (Paint Rock or something) it
looked like all found pretty much what they were hoping for. Despite all the
rains, the water here was clear and not too high.

Now I gotta get me some nets. And some buckets. Some of those cool buckets
that have the holes in them that let the water flow through. Oh, and a bunch
of those hummer things to hang on the buckets. And make a photo tank to take
next time. And some of those tight fitting waders. I could tell that they
would be great chick magnets!
Hopefully tomorrow some of the folks who know what they are talking about
will give you some details of the trip. So enough ramblings from me. As Yogi
would say, If you missed it, then you really missed it!
David Ramsey
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