NANFA-- Product Alert- Proquatics Power Filter

John Bongiovanni (
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 21:08:28 -0500

There is a short coming with this particular filter. The filter moves
water very well and has two speeds, it is submersible. I have used it
exclusively in a 10 gallon tank. I have also enhanced the filter sponge
on the inside by adding polyester stuffing. As illustrated in the link
(not very well, I admit) fish are able to swim into the outlet of this
particular filter. I have lost three fish recently, all shiners. They
apparently swim headfirst into the outlet and get disoriented when
encountering the vortex of water, and begin rolling like an axle and
cannot escape. They are not encountering the impeller but just a
disorienting flow. To repeat or replicate the effect, I placed a
toothpick into the vortex and the toothpick rolled as well.

Pelagic fish, like Weed and Ironcolor shiners, that like to swim into a
strong current occasionally are most susceptible. I have written to
Petsmart customer service. They responded by suggesting that the cover
to the impeller was missing and the fish were getting stuck in the
INLET. Apparently, fish getting stuck in the outlet is outside their
experience. I responded again, this time with the photo linked below,
and a method to replicate the effect. They have not responded. The last
communiqui was 4-30-03. A simple solution to the problem is to redesign
the the outlet with two narrow intersecting bars to prevent the fish
from swimming into the outlet. I believe those already using these
filters can modify their filters by trimming two narrow pieces of
plastic and placing them into the outlet at 900 angles to each other and
securing them with silicone caulk or superglue (be sure the glue is
fully cured before placing in the water).

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